0% discount for 12.12?

It’s 12.12, and it’s the LAST SALE of the year everyone is anticipating for!!!!

But today, we are offering a 0% discount to all our Picha Heroes. I know y’all must be flipping your tables and screaming WHAT??? Are you kidding?!

Hear us out.

Picha aims to rebuild lives of refugees in Malaysia with a sustainable food business. As we grow each year, the profits we make from the business are reinvested into…

#1 - Food tasting with new and current families, so we can bring you new and awesome products;

#2 - Picha Family Gatherings so that our families can work together as one;

#3 - Team building so that our team understands the true value of running a live changing business;

#4 - Promoting authentic traditional meals so that more people can also change lives.

But you must be thinking, “What is in it for me?”

Accepting this 0% discount means that we get to on-board more new families. It means that you are making it possible for more families gets a second chance in life. Rest assured we are trying our best to work with different families and communities and we can’t wait to introduce them to you.

So, in line of 12.12, we want to thank you for choosing to join us in this movement and be change makers!

has been a very challenging but fruitful year for Picha as we stepped out of our comfort zone to work with more families from different communities and partners. Oh boy, we do have exciting plans lining up for!

We know we can’t do this alone, so if you are interested to work with the team, collaborate or partner with us, just talk to us so that we rebuild lives together!