3 Impactful Activities for Children this School Holiday!

Written by
Tse Yenn

The school holidays are coming up in a week! (YAYY for all kids!) For most parents, this is a special time where family get to spend more time together and explore new experiences together with their children.

Two weeks ago, we came across an interesting blog post from Audrey’s (fourfeetnine), where she shared about making homeless care kits with her children during school holidays to teach them about putting empathy into actions.

It got us thinking, there is so much parents hope to teach their kids, but there is only so much you can do by telling. However, the act of doing makes the impact lasts a lifetime.

You don’t have to travel far & wide for your children to learn & experience what the world has to offer, there are great opportunities for your little ones to learn and contribute to the world right where you are.

In the spirit of nurturing the next generation to be change-makers , here are 3 simple but impactful activities that you can carry out with your children this school holiday!

#1 - Tree Repotting & Replantation

To educate our children to lead a more eco-friendly life, instead of constantly telling our kids to recycle and stop wasting water, let them play an active part in saving the world, one tree at a time!

Photo Credit: The Edge

At Free Tree Society, families can volunteer to help repot, water & nurture mother nature back to life. With a flagship nursery in Bangsar and the Taman Tugu urban forest in KL, your kids, both big an small, get to experience the impact of their actions as they help fill up the green on Earth.

After all the hardwork you & your little ones have done, you can cater a heart-warming kids-friendly meal for you at Free Tree Society! 😉

Free Tree Society exercises a strictly no plastic rule & Picha loves that! Together, we can work to create a bigger impact one tree & one meal at a time.

For more information about volunteering at Free Tree Society, you can visit their website HERE! 


Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, in fact, the most valuable lessons are learned where the heart is – home.

This school holiday, you can check out Plantzania Teaching Kits - where your children can learn about biological and plant-related scientific knowledge in an interesting way, so that children can really explore our beautiful nature and the amazing world around us!

Photo Credit: Plantzania

You can host science experiment gathering with friends and their children, and have fun while learning new things together. You can even challenge your children to conduct workshops and teach other children how to conduct the experiments, empowering your children to take lead and try new things.

Photo Credit: Plantzania

To get your hands on these exciting experiment  kits, head on to their website HERE!

#3 - Book reading session

Stories have the power to transform lives.

The stories we choose to share with our children will teach them more than we could ever imagine. Whether it be The Girl That Loves Dance, which illustrates the beauty of Mak Yong – the traditional Kelantanese dance, or The Land Below The Wind, which tells the tales of embracing differences and living in harmony regardless of race & religions, there are great lessons to be learnt in these little books.

Perhaps you could tell your little ones the story of Fatima through her book, You & Me: Our Story, written by Fatima herself about her family’s fight for freedom & safety through Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and eventually, Malaysia.

Fatima is the daughter of our Picha Chef, Sara - who has been a refugee her whole life. Thankfully, they have been resettled this year, and they finally have a place that they can now call home. Through this book, your children can get a glimpse of how life looks like for many other children all around the world who are leading very different lives with them.

To get a copy of this book, order our “Kid’s Specials!” available for this school holiday to read a good story and enjoy great food all at once!

Here are the 3 recommended activities to carry out with your children this school holiday, and we hope that you have a wonderful time with your family!