6 Ways Corporates Can Make A Change Easily! (& Deliciously!)

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Welcome to another week of “Logee Writes”! Ermmm…. second post of “Logee Writes”.

The last time I wrote for the Picha Blog, it was about HOW TO MAKE YOUR YEAR OF CHANGE…. THAT LASTSand I truly believed I was an accomplished retired writer. However, Suzanne did not think so and assigned this week’s topic over to me - which I gladly took because I get to talk about some of our favourite clients and all the fun things we’ve done!

Along the 4 years since Picha started, we’ve had so many Corporate Picha Heroes who’ve believed in our vision of bringing great food that rebuilds lives, and the mission of empowering refugees here in Malaysia. In this journey, we’ve learnt so much from them - with our clients turning into mentors and vice versa, and Picha constantly finding ways to be part of their lives.

This post is all about how we’ve come together in various ways and situations to empower lives, with the aim to show that doing good doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way. What can you as an individual in a corporate can do to make a difference? Here’s 6 ways where you can make a change through your everyday activities through PichaEats!

#1 - Company Events

If you’re planning an event, you can spice things up with something out of the ordinary - middle eastern fusion meals from buffet catering to canapé style up to 800 people!

A few (if only I could list them all….) from this year with General Electric for Women’s Day, Facebook for their KL Office Launch, Baker Hughes, Air Asia, AmMetLife, Exxon Mobil, Bank Negara, Beckton Dickinson,C’Arch & Tesco who threw a truly inclusive Raya celebration with fusion food , and most recently- the XIXILI Fashion Show organised by Livescape Asia. Our first ever fashion show canapé serving!

We love being part of these events as it brings together the entire company & sometimes even clients and partners - and nothing is better than sharing a great meal.

#2 - Meetings & Trainings

What if you don’t have too many company events planned? What some of our best heroes do - bring in Picha Catering, Mini Buffets or Mealboxes for Trainings & Meetings which happen all the time 🙂

Not only you enjoy authentic, freshly prepared food from a diverse range of countries, you will also be spreading awareness to the attendees too. The impact does not have to stop at just you, it then carries on to more people.


Some of our clients who have been with us throughout the years - Crowe, Allianz, Ambank & Gibraltar BSN have collectively made an to the community simply through these day to day trainings and meetings.

#3 - Pop-Up Booth

We’ve been popping up at various companies - where employees get to drop by and grab their to-go meal easily, have a chat with our fun Picha people at the pop-up and do good at the same time! One of our favourite pop-up we’ve been doing for a long time now is definitely with DHL. Their support and feedback to improve our pop-ups and take it to the next level have been a tremendous help in growing Picha.

What’s next? Follow us on Instagram and look out for our pop-up’s at Common Ground locations all over KL (announced on Instastories) and you can grab a meal for yourself too! 🙂 

#4 - Picha Open House

The Picha Open House is something very close to my heart - the experience of being in a stranger’s home and sharing a meal they’ve prepared is a deeply impactful one.

It brings people together in ways you would rarely find anywhere else and a new-found perspective on the refugee crisis happening right on our doorstep. Our chef’s have opened their doors to various people from all over the world

Over the course of 4 years, we’ve done open houses with PWC , Smobble and various corporate clients who hosted private events and team lunches with Picha and served over 1,200 people at the open houses!

#5 - CSR & Mealbox Distributions

The moment you purchase anything from Picha & share it with people, it goes into creating more impact. You could two-fold your impact just like our heroes during Ramadan - Affin Bank , Dutch Lady who gave Ramadan meals to their media partners & Merchantrade who bought meals for the underprivileged bringing impact to two communities at the same time.

#6 - Up for a Challenge?

We’re at my final & favourite part!

As always we must save the best for the last. This year we held our first ever cooking challenge with Orangeleaf Consulting in a cosy setting which turned very competitive quickly.

Chef Rania started off sharing her top-secret hummus recipe and we designed a challenge based on this for our participants to work together on - and boy, did the fun begin!

Not going to reveal too much - but it involves cooking with 1 hand , not being able to speak…you get the gist. They not only learnt something new and built a better relationship among their team, they also got awareness into a new culture through food.


And those were the six ways corporates can make a change!

At the end of the day, what we believe is that anyone, anywhere can make a difference and it doesn’t have to be something difficult.