Hello from Fiona!

Written by
Fiona Ubong Anyi

Last week marked a special day - it’s been 3 full months since I first joined Picha as a full-timer!

Before joining Picha, I thought I have all the skills, discipline and all that it takes to thrive in the role. But I was wrong. 

Was I good at multitasking? Apparently not. The ability to multitask in Picha stretches so much more. Different challenges arise everyday when you’re in a people-centric business - dealing with different stakeholders from clients, to runners, to chefs and more. It is not easy to cope with it but I am actively learning new things everyday. What is growth without challenges right? 

I thought I was good in time management, but yet again, I was wrong. Life in Picha is very fast-paced and although I play a small role, the tasks that I am responsible for is very crucial to the business - and business means our Picha Chefs get to gain a more stable livelihood for their family. 

Hello, it’s me!

I remember in the first few weeks when I joined, not a single day passed by without me feeling exhausted after work. Even when I reached home, I would still be working because of the pending work that I couldn’t finish during the day. Luckily, I have a great mentor who patiently guide me and the team who will always have my back.

When we are new in a team, we tend to make mistakes in our tasks - a LOT of them. I remembered my first mistake vividly, which was setting the wrong time for an order. Due to this, the chef had to prepare the order twice. 

Thankfully, the client’s order was still delivered, but it was costly for the operations to cover it. The worst part was, I felt that I have disappointed the team. 

I couldn’t stop feeling guilty for making the mistake, but to my surprise, my team assured me that it was okay even though I was ready to take all the blame (what did I do to deserve this kind of treatment??).  

A sentence that they said which stuck with me until today is this - “don’t dwell on the mistakes that you make. Learn from it and move on”. I love how the team unites even when things go wrong, not one in the team is left feeling down and defeated.

In a short period of two months, I probably have attended close to 10 events hosted by Picha from open house, pop-up booth, PichaEats relaunch, Cha, SALT and so on. From these events, I got to try different things and learn new skills at the same time. 

After being in Picha for 3 months, things started progressing and I was slowly getting the hang of it. But one day, I made a careless mistake which caused a big issue to the team. I thought to myself, “This is it. I FAILED.” 

I broke down that night and couldn’t stop blaming myself for making such a careless mistake. 

However, to my surprise again, a few hours after the incident, the team checked up on me to make sure that I was alright. One of them told me this, “Picha is not looking for someone who makes zero mistake, but someone who is always striving to grow, and you’ve grown a lot for the past months.”

Right then, I know that I am with the right team. No, scratch that, I am with the best team that anyone could ask for. 

I am beyond grateful for the experience thus far be it with the clients, the team and our Picha families. 

It is a constant excitement working with Picha so far and I am fortunate to go through this journey with the right people. I believe with passion, teamwork and growth mindset, Picha will conquer millions of hearts with its story!

I’m excited to buckle up for the roller-coaster ride that is waiting ahead! 

Here we are when I dragged them to see a bit of my culture. At KELUNAN - means People in Kayan.