What did I just sign myself up for?

Written by
Tse Yenn

I distinctly remember the first 2 days of my internship, and how much I hated it. Having to drag myself out of bed at 6am on a Monday morning, as someone who regularly woke up at 11am, felt horrible. Having to suddenly be responsible and accountable for work was overwhelming, and not knowing what to expect in the next 3 months was scary.

I remember thinking, what did I just sign myself up for?

And yet, the next 3 months flew past & before I even realized, it’s suddenly my last day. & I’m faced with the question, what did I do in the last 3 months?

And honestly, I didn’t have an answer.

It wasn’t until Suzanne sat me down and told to write a list of all the things that I had done and learned that I realized that I had listed 20 things.

Being at Picha was an exciting and humbling experience. There were new things to experience everyday, new people to meet everyday & impact to be made with everyday. For example, one day I would be attending a variety of inspiring and informative events, the next I would be attending catering to spread the word about Picha, the next I would be working on potential marketing ideas, and the list goes on & on.

At Picha, it doesn’t matter who you are, whether it be intern, part-timer or full-timer. Each member of the team is entrusted to help maintain & grow the business.

Which means, I was suddenly responsible for the company, which as a marketing intern, meant carrying out & developing marketing ideas and campaigns. For example, I was responsible for the humanitarian instagram story series, where I would illustrate and tell the humanitarian’s story through hand-drawn cartoons on Instagram.

Knowing that I was responsible for it, I poured in my time & all of my effort in drawing them to the best of my ability. It was all the time and focus I gave towards my work that made my internship fly by.

And yet, that didn’t mean that I was doing very little. There was something new to be done everyday, there was a new task I was responsible for every week. So despite all that I did, it truly didn’t feel like much because I was taking in each task, step by step, little by little.

And with each task, comes the sense of ownership & pride. It was an exciting and validating feeling whenever you knew that your work was something that would go on to reach hundreds of people, that would potentially impact many others too.

There was so much fulfilment & happiness that came with the work I did, so much so that sometimes it didn’t feel like work. & I grew to find myself developing a sense of belonging at Picha.

The Picha team has been both a great inspiration & solid rock. Seeing how hard they were working to grow the business to impact lives and how much they were pushing & supporting your growth, made me want to try so much harder for not just the Picha families, but for them as well.

At Picha, it doesn’t matter where your starting line is. What matters is who the person is standing at the finish line. And that person, for me, was someone who was confident in their capabilities and someone who now wants to work harder than ever for impact I want to make.

I can’t tell you what I’ve specifically learned from this internship, you’ve gotta experience it yourself, but trust me, it’ll be a lot.