Why partnering with TnG Digital is a stepping stone to greater things

In Picha, we love partnerships because we know that we are not alone in this journey of rebuilding lives.

When someone from TnG Digitals contacted us for a meet-up to explore a partnership, we were excited because this means that our Picha Chefs are able to provide value for a well-respected company.

So after the meet-up, we decided to run a campaign for 6 weeks for a special service that has kept many Picha Heroes excited - the weekly Picha Delivery on Thursdays!

We couldn’t hold on to the excitement to share that all Picha Heroes get to enjoy RM5 off their order when they make a payment with TnG wallet - featuring Dalia’s Chicken Mandi, Chicken Shawarma and more!

Here are the reasons why partnerships are so important:

#1 - More Picha Families Impacted

With more reach through partnerships, more people will get to know about the delicious food cooked by Picha Chefs!

Dalia, who is the main chef for this campaign came from Gaza with her husband and 4 kids 3 years ago. She has been extremely hardworking, cooking amazing dishes and learning new Malaysian cuisines to provide for her family.

With her work, she doesn’t just provide for her family in Malaysia. She is also taking care of her family back in Gaza, where there is minimal economical activity happening.

Being able to reach more people through partnerships means more Picha Chefs get to be impacted and have a more stable livelihood monthly too.

#2 - Maximising values for all parties

We believe that the success of a social enterprise is when the people find value in the product or services provided, and it fulfils the client’s needs as they get themselves involved in this journey of empowerment.

We are always striving to add value to Picha Heroes and Picha Partners who chose to be part of Picha’s journey. This partnership with TnG Digital is such a win-win-win-win situation for all 4 parties involved in this partnership, and here’s why:

Why win-win-win-win?

(1) Picha Families are impacted directly
(2) Picha’s brand gets more exposure
(3) Picha Partners are making an impact through their products
(4) Picha Heroes gets to enjoy good food with RM5 off.

#3 - A stepping stone to greater things

We have much in store for our Picha Heroes and this partnership is only one of the many. We know the year has not ended yet, but we are already excited to announce what we will be having for the coming months, all the way till next year.

What do you think about Picha Chocolate? *hint hint*

What do you think about an island retreat with Picha? *hint hint hint*

I wonder what’s up for Christmas as well. *hint hint hint hint*

From the bottom of our hearts, we are extremely grateful to all partners who have chosen to be on this journey with us. You all are amazing!


Here’s RM5 off your Thursday meal with TnG Digital. All you’ve got to do is download the app and pay for your meal via TnG E-wallet! Click on the image below for more information!

If you think we can add value to your current customer base, you know we are ready to form a wonderful partnership with you.