Notice & Announcement


Raya Break

Hello foodies! Our kitchens will be closed for Raya celebration on July 6-8,. But fret not, we have new Raya packages coming from..

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We are hiring!

Are you a food-lover and a change-maker? If you are, we are looking for someone just like you!
The Picha Project is a social enterprise..

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Chicken Mandi

Introducing to you the latest Picha hit - Chicken Mandi from Mona’s Gaza Kitchen!

Experience the rich flavours of Middle Eastern spices..

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Zaza’s family

During Ramadan last year, Zaza’s family was offered some money by a kind-hearted Malaysian as his family was struggling financially...

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MaGIC SE Cohort 2

Finally have time to celebrate The Picha Project getting into the training programme for the MaGIC SE Cohort 2. Thank you our advisor..

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Free Delivery

Working on this project gives us the opportunity to serve awesome individuals. Today we were so excited and honored to be able to serve..

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