Our Story

The Picha Project aims to provide financial empowerment to the marginalised groups in Malaysia. We provide job opportunities to families from the marginalised groups by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public, utilizing their existing cooking skills and equipping them further with professional guidance.


Besides delivering food boxes, The Picha Project also provides catering services for events and gatherings. Serve your guests with delicious traditional delicacies and do good at the same time! Our quotation for catering packages will be sent based on request. Taking inspiration from around the world, all the dishes on our menu are designed for sharing.

Get a taste of different cultures with The Picha Project! Our cooks come from different parts of the world, bringing their authentic tradition to you!

Terms & conditions
1. Minimum purchase of 5 pax from one kitchen per order.
2. RM2 delivery charge per pax for orders below 20 pax.
3. Free delivery for orders with 20 pax and above.
4. Catering services is only available for orders above RM 1000.


Mona's Gaza Kitchen

Chicken Mandi, RM20

Mona is a mother with two lovely girls aged six and ten who fled Gaza. Ever since this family reached Malaysia, they tried to earn a living by selling Middle Eastern meals to the locals. However, it has been a constant struggle for Mona and her family to make ends meet with limited access to customers in Malaysia due to their status and language limitation. This year, Mona’s elder daughter was forced to stop schooling as they could no longer afford her transportation fees to school. Through The Picha Project, Mona hopes to earn enough to send her daughter back to school.

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muslim-friendly kitchen
Zaza’s Syrian Kitchen

Zaza's Syrian Kitchen

Fatten Magdoos, RM20

Three years ago, Zaza and his family left Syria due to the civil war. Coming from one of the states that is highly affected by the war, Zaza longs for safety and security for his family in Malaysia. Last Ramadan, Zaza turned down a donation offered as he believes in earning a living through hard work instead of accepting money from others. Despite the financial challenges faced here as a refugee, Zaza and his wife still keep up a positive attitude, where they show great diligence in working to earn a living. The Picha Project provides a platform for individuals like Zaza to earn a living through their own hard work and to be self-sustainable using their own skills.

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Ganu's Burmese Kitchen

Turmeric Chicken with Corn Salad, RM10

This Burmese kitchen is headed by a mother of 3 who came from Chin state, Myanmar. We were told to call her “ganu”, which means “mother” in Chin language. Ganu was the first to join us in The Picha Project despite being scared and doubtful at first with her own capabilities to cook for our customers. However, we continuously encourage her, and her confidence grew. Through The Picha Project, ganu gain more than just an income, but also a sense of independence in improving the lives of her family.

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Pork-free & muslim-friendly kitchen

Nawal's Iraqi Kitchen

Nawal and her family fled to Malaysia from Baghdad, Iraq three years ago due to the war, violence and continuous attacks occurring back at home. Despite the danger and chaos, Iraq is still home for Nawal and her family. However, this family was forced to leave everything behind when one of Nawal’s brother was shot to death while walking on the street in Iraq. In Malaysia, Nawal and her family struggle daily to cover their basic expenses as job opportunities are highly limited.Through The Picha Project, we aim to empower Nawal to gain a better livelihood for herself and her family. Thanks for joining us in this journey of empowerment.

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Pork-free & muslim-friendly kitchen

Jasmina’s Rohingya Kitchen

Jasmina came from the Rohingya refugee camp of Sittwe, Myanmar 24 years ago when she was 16. Spending more than half of her life here in Malaysia, Jasmina struggles to survive with 8 children and a husband who is sick. To earn a living, Jasmina sells her cooking and cleans houses for an income. Through The Picha Project, she aims to earn enough to cover the transportation fees for her children to go to school and also for her husband’s medical expenses.

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Pork-free & muslim-friendly kitchen

Sakina’s Afghan Kitchen

Sakina fled Afghanistan with her husband and three daughters two years ago. With a monthly salary of RM 800 earned by the husband, Sakina and her family struggle to survive with only RM150 left for food after paying the rental fees and her daughters’ school fees. Seeing the struggles in the family, Sakina’s eldest daughter aged 11 reached out to The Picha Project in hope to improve the livelihood of the family. Sakina’s delicious cooking will not only give you a taste of the rich culture of Afghanistan, but also sustain her family and provide a better future for her daughters.

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Pork-free & muslim-friendly kitchen

Breakfast / Tea Break

Pork-free & muslim-friendly kitchen


Free Delivery

Gather a minimum of 20 pax per order and we will deliver the foods to you for FREE!

Customer’s Feedback

“The food was nothing short of amazing. Having the story on the box gave a whole new experience and appreciation for the food I was eating.
I feel the consumers are given a whole new experience about the hardships of people other than themselves. “

- Stuart Thomas, Customer