Governance Framework

This Governance Framework lays out the key principles and models that govern the operations of The Picha Project.



To enable marginalised groups in Malaysia to be included in the economy and society.




1. To empower marginalised groups in Malaysia to be financially sustainable.
2. To create positive economic, social and psychological impacts among marginalised groups.
3. To raise awareness amongst the general public and bridge the social gaps



Impact Indicator

The Picha Project’s Impact Indicators are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we have developed, against which we measure our social impact commitments. There are 7 indicators that we measure our business operations with, which are:


Economic Improvement

How much more the family is earning after joining The Picha Project?

Open Book Finance

Adherence to The Picha Project Financial Model


Family Involvement

How many families were involved as food suppliers

Community Expansion

How many communities were engaged (eg. refugees, homeless, single parents, etc)

Safe Working Environment

How much risk our food suppliers are exposed to as compared to previous job (eg. exploitation, low wages, detention, etc)

Raising Awareness

How many individuals were reached (no. of customers)


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Adherence to the use of biodegradable or recyclable materials


Governance Structure

Transparency Commitment to Customers


We empower marginalised families with every packet of meal sold.
Our clients and customers will be informed of the family whohave prepared their meals with a brief background and story.


Transparency Commitment to Food Suppliers

Selling Price

All food suppliers will be informed of the selling price of their meals to customers.
We keep all food suppliers updated with the financial distribution of The Picha Project and involve them in determining the selling price of their meal.


Financial Distribution Model

The revenue of The Picha Project is distributed following the model below:

Breakdown : Percentages
Families: 50%
Salaries : 18%
Operations: 16%
Profit: 16%
Total = 100%

**Financial distribution is calculated with an estimated revenue of RM26,000 per month

Remarks: The principles and models listed are a formal documentation of the practices and operations of The Picha Project.
The principles and models may change over time according to the growth and complexity of the organisation.
All changes and amendments will be documented and updated on this platform, and communicated to all customers, members and partners of The Picha Project.