Open House

The Picha Project Open House invites you to catch a glimpse of the life as a refugee here in Malaysia and experience the rich culture that they own through a home-cooked meal.

Our Picha families will be hosting you and serving you scrumptious and delicious meals at their house while sharing you their culture and stories.

We promise to fill not just your tummy with food, but also your heart with overflowing warmth and love.

Let us know the culture of a country that you would like to experience and place for booking now!

RM960 per session (for 12 pax)  - RM80/pax for additional guests

*Current families with The Picha Project include families from Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar (Rohingya & Chin) and Sudan.

The one thing that strikes me the most about attending one of the Open Houses is the genuine hospitality I get from the different host families each time.
They really make you feel like part of their family with their warm reception and inviting smiles. The amount of effort taken, no stone unturned in fact, to ensure that you have a great and pleasant evening is something we take too often for granted. The loving care that is put into preparing the wonderful and generous spread of different dishes is so very apparent.

The best part of this is that the Open House also feeds your mind. The simple but enlightening session on the plight of refugees in Malaysia is so educational. It is something that we may know about or heard about but so often blind ourselves to their struggles.

I would definitely recommend an evening with the Picha Open House, especially since you can spend a lovely meal getting to know the host family, meet new like-minded friends with a heart for social causes and maybe even find new meaning in what it means to be a refugee.”

- Kevin Yong